First Ten Songs

by The Old Paints

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Our first ten songs!


released March 1, 2013

All music by The Old Paints
Lyrics by Harris and Cook with Blackerby and Gardner



all rights reserved


The Old Paints Birmingham, Alabama

The Old Paints just have fun with it.

Breely Flower - vocal, drums & percussion
Andy Harris - vocal & guitar
MIchael Carter or Ramy Noureddini- bass on occasion


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Track Name: A Prayer For My Lord
I am a young orphan, I never was a-wanted
I always had religion but my sinning left me haunted
I ran out to the country far away from my folly
far from the church and far away from Pretty Polly

Boom diatta durum da
wine for my Polly-O, wine for my Polly-O
and a prayer for my lord

As I was a-going over top of Red Mountain
I met with Bishop Connor and a cross he was a-holding
I got down on my knees and the priest did me a favor
saying "Turn around, ye sinner, let repentance be your labor"

Boom diatta durum da. . .

That diamond brazen cross hung so low across his chest
but the jewels would look better hanging from my Polly's breast
I got up on my feet and I didn't feel so sorry
when I laid him in the earth and brought the jewels home to Polly

Boom diatta durum da. . .

Way down in the valley, feeling good and jolly
there I spied the devil standing next to Pretty Polly
Old Paint, he lost his nerve as the shadows did surround me
there was a priest on every side, they were leading the devil's army

Boom diatta durum da. . .

I was collared by a priest and feeling just like Jesus
walking with the devil by a river of diseases
he told me many secrets as we listened to the water
he said "I am the father, Pretty Polly is my daughter"

Boom diatta durum da. . .

I was shackled by a demon and thrown into the chamber
Moses was chained to the wall, Mohammed was his neighbor
I bargained with the angels for a key to the jail
I freed all the captives and rode Old Paint straight out of hell

Boom diatta durum da. . .

Well you call me an outlaw, you call me a drifter
call me a highwayman and you call me a killer
call me an orphan and I say you might be right
but my parents, they died young cause I'm ahead of my time

Boom diatta durum da. . .

Well some take delight in praying and a-kneeling
and others take delight in their piety and a-weeping
but I take delight in the fruit of the vine
breaking bread with criminals and with the whores, I will dine

Boom diatta. . .
Track Name: (How Can I Miss You?) If You Wont Go Away!
There was a time when I could never get enough
when our love was young and free
and I'd need you more and more each day
but too much of a good thing makes one tired of that good stuff
and if actions speak louder than words
then there's nothing left to say

There's too much time on your hands
and it seems you're always holding mine
well if you'd grant me just a moment of peace
we could get along just fine
but these knockdown dragout days and night cost more than I can pay
oh God, baby
how can I miss you if you wont go away?

How can I miss you if you wont go away
how can I kiss you when you're words get in the way
oh baby, how can I love you when your loving always turns to hate
and tell me, how can I miss you if you wont go away

Oh baby, this punishment for leaving
I tell ya it's getting kinda tough
they say love is blind, but now I see
and it's getting pretty rough
but it's time to take a stand and since the pen is mightier than the sword
I got all my bases covered
this song, it'll be the last word

You used to be my charming princess
but now I wish I was a frog
you're standing there at my front door
baby, like a little puppy dog
so I'm heading back out on the road, my dear
and if we meet again someday, it'll be because I miss you
but baby, first you gotta go away

How can I miss you. . .
Track Name: Curtains
You're looking awful nice tonight
no one's expecting you
you know I dont even use a light these days
I just cant see the use

I'm glad you're finally out of bed
it's good to see you up
I'll just ignore the telephone
no one can interrupt

No one can interrupt

Everyone's been asking me
oh, how I get along
they say I'll see you in paradise
I always think they're wrong

Everyone's forgetting now
just like they always do
Feels like I just run out of things
to do without you

To do without you

I been missing you so bad baby
this living alone has just driven me crazy
every night I'm praying, Lord
please take me to her

but now I've got you up and you're setting beside
I've got tall fences and curtains to hide me
you're kinda quiet but you're such a good listener

My heart is racing fast again
if they're on to us, who cares
I'll put our favorite record on
as we dance in rocking chairs

I wear my handsome hat tonight
you wear your favorite dress
dont worry, I can do the makeup for you
I know you need your rest

I know you need your rest

I been missing you so bad baby. . .

But now I've got you up. . .

You know I'm glad we got to spend these hours together
just sit and listen to the sound of the weather
I know I'm dreaming but it feels pretty perfect to me

But now they're hauling me off and they're calling me crazy
what's so insane about you coming to save
aint hurting no one, why cant they just leave me be?
Track Name: A Place At Home
I been burning every page
of every word I ever wrote
trying to misplace some memories
even though I know I wont

My mind begins to wonder
and my heart begins to soar
thinking about how it all went under
and the way it was before

Baby, this aint nothing new
it happens from time to time
but lately I've been wondering
if all the feelings left are mine

I know you can keep a secret
you know I can keep one too
you know I can keep myself
from feeling like I do

I know you remember too
it was just the other year
you know that I've always got
a place at home for you, my dear

You could stay with me tonight
I wont tell a soul
leave tomorrow before morning light
and nobody has to know

I guess I've always known
it would someday come to this
cause you rarely throw a punch
but when you do they never miss

I found a letter that I wrote one night
I'm much too sober now to read
I sliced my finger on the envelope
and I sat and let it bleed

I know you remember too. . .

You could stay with me tonight. . .
Track Name: Told You Eyes
Dont look at me with those told you eyes
imagine my surprise at being wrong
just like they say, we all grow up someday
I guess for some it takes too long

I'm going back to wait to be forgiven
and leave behind my third and second try
cause when I wake, I'm leaving in the morning
I just cant bring myself to close my eyes

A thousand times I played it in my mind
and now it hardly even feels like it was real
when you're down, there aint no friends around
the only ones I've found all took a deal

So now on your streets, you wont have to see me walking
I'll just be out of mind with a long hard lesson learned
cause I cant remember now starting the fire
my only memories now are of the burn

I'll write you letters to say I'm OK
dont come to visit me, I'm ashamed
you're ashamed

My friends and family all showed up for me
they showed up angrily, now they're confused
they line up single file and they all fake a smile
and shake my hand while staring at my shoes

It sure is nice of everyone to be here
believe me, no one has been saddened more than me
cause I've just got one night left in Alabama
I've just got one night left of being free

I've just got one night left in Alabama
I've just got one night left of being free
Track Name: The Loner
Some people say that I'm a lonely one
I say what do they really know
I pretty sure I'm not the only one
who lives his life on the road

My baby says that I'm a loner
I say I'm starting to hear a trend
my buddy says that I oughta disown her
I say, buddy, you're a pretty good friend

I hear you say that I dont talk too much
it's cause I'm busy trying to tune you out
I hear you got all the answers, baby
you know what it's all about

You spend your time stomping round my floor
barking orders and getting mad
you know me better than I know myself, baby
dont be surprised I got nothing to add

You know I've never really envied the ivory tower
I'm a man of limited needs
so what do you say to somebody in power
who's living at a different speed

You know I'd rather take a nap in the sun for an hour
but you got somewhere to be
I said it's easy to be some kind of wallflower
when the forest floor is full of weeds

Some people are scared to stop and think
too worried that they might grow
but all you know makes you dangerous, baby
I said it's time to let it go

You always say I like to be alone
I say no, no, baby, that's not true
cause I'm a real people person and you gotta believe
but I dont wanna be around you

I hate to cause you disappointment, baby
but there's one thing you gotta do
just take a long look in the mirror, honey
you would see the lonely truth
Track Name: Grandma's Cabin
This time every year, we go to Grandma's cabin
this time every year, we head on down that road

When we get there, gonna eat some food
gonna sing a song and play a tune
gonna dance all night under the moon
gonna do a buckdance and bang a spoon
at Grandma's cabin, I hope you'll be there too

At Grandma's cabin, is where I like to be
at Grandma's cabin, it's just like home to me

This time every year, we go to Grandma's cabin
folks come from all around, from big cities and small towns

Gonna take Ole Blue on the possum trail
we're hunting for snipe and raccoon tail
Ole bloodhound doggie's on the run
so Grandpa better load his gun
at Grandma's cabin, we're gonna have some fun

At Grandma's cabin is where I like
at Grandma's cabin, it's just like home to me
Track Name: New
I waited outside this bar two hours
before he snuck in the back
and as he made his way out onto center stage
all the bright white lights went black

He had a short skirt girl with long cool hair
and all his beers and shots were free
I stood way in the back and paid my tab
and thought that's the life for me

So I went back home, I stayed up all night long
I didnt know where to begin
I'll have to grow my hair, get tattoos everywhere
and find all new hipster friends

I got this old guitar in my closet
and it's wearing six old rusty strings
I'll take the songs I know and head out on the road
and take on everything it brings

Well after these years I drank a bunch of beers
and it's true, some of them were free
I play these cover songs and hope they sing along
and they all look like kids to me

Well there's a tip jar out on the bar
and it's looking heavier than mine
and from my seat under the stage light heat
I'm thinking that'll do just fine

I think I'll run back home to the hotel
and cancel all my shows
been working so damn hard to act like I dont care
and still everybody knows

I just cut the sleeves off this jacket
to show off my new tattoo
maybe this bar needs a tender
I need something new

Maybe this bar needs a bouncer
I need something new
Track Name: Last Call
Here lies a man of constant laughter
slurring half words through constant tears
here lies a boy who's growing backwards
chasing after his unused years

Here's a young woman wearing heartbreak
living hard days too soon
we're all together on this cold night
in this dim lighted smoky room

I can taste the hopeless in my glass
but I cant feel these hours as they pass
I know this night is bound to end on me again

Here's a reunion of some old friends
it always begins the same
I guess ambition must have faded
cause no one made it to their fame

I can taste the hopeless in my glass. . .

So bring me my tab and make it real small
it's always last call, it seems, to me
dont worry I know all those back
I'll take it real slow and carefully

Here's that old road, I'm driving blindly
leave it behind me again
I must have used a thousand good lucks
I cant have that many left to spend

I can feel the restless in my bed
I deserve this hurting in my head
I know the morning soon will break
and I'm still awake
Track Name: Thoughts From A Stationary Dead Man
Wont ya hail me a cab
aw, what the hell

I'll just walk, I need the air
it's stuffy in here
in this box that I've dwelled for too long
but I'm still here

Wont ya hail me a cab
aw, what the hell

No map to be found, uh-huh
no knife to tear, uh-huh

Just this feeling that I've felt
my heart becomes too clear, uh-huh


It comes and goes and it comes and goes
and it comes and goes again
it's here right now
now gone, my friend

Wont ya hail me a cab
aw, what the hell

Forget the walk, I'll just stay in